Celebration Preschool Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on several early childhood principles. The High Scope curriculum is founded on the belief that young children learn best through active learning, children learn by doing. The Creative Curriculum is based on the idea of organizing the classroom in interest areas or centers. The strength of this curriculum lies in its emphasis on the teacher’s role in creating and maintaining these areas to facilitate preschooler’s learning. NAEYC Developmentally Appropriate Guidelines is the largest professional organization of early childhood educators. This organization published position statements in the late 1980s to help schools who were failing due to the use of more formal and academic instruction for children. In these guidelines NAEYC emphasizes the role of the teacher in supporting children’s development and learning; the importance of meaningful and contextually relevant curriculum and the significant role of families in early childhood education. Lastly our curriculum is based on teachings in the Bible. The Christian aspect of our curriculum is based on simple Bible truths.